Can you shoot 380 ammo in a 38 special

The big boys will not fit properly in a . My grandfather had both 38 special bullets and 357 magnum bullets for it. 380 ACP round remains a popular round for self-defense and range use. 38 Special have a lead core, copper jacket, and a brass case. Under Pressure As you can see, . 38 ammo is for revolvers. Concerns over weapon effectiveness were normally directed towards the caliber of the gun as few doubted that the revolver could deliver. Remington Ultimate Defense Compact Handgun, . 22LR ammunition. 38 Spl & . Aug 01, 2012 · You can shoot these with no problem:. 38 Auto or . The case length of the . Since You can shoot . No. For me, you can never go wrong with the small guns that we’ve shown you here. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. The . 9mm starts to pull away from . 62x39mm Ammo Bulk 7. 5 out of 5 star rating (2 reviews ) For a fact, the newer generations of the Glock 9mm series are built for high pressure ammo and may not work reliably with promo 115 gr fodder. 38 Regular as opposed to . This powerful round is a reliable choice for both self-defense and concealed carry. 380 Auto. Loaded with similar grain weights as the Exacta line, this Fiocchi ammo is ideal for training and practicing with the same results at a more affordable price. 380 Ammo: Pros. I own the tcp in 380 and will never shoot +p ammo it feels like it is doing everything it can to come out of my hand with normal powr ball loads add a little sweat on the polymer grip and it just may succeed. 38 Special ammo handgun AmmoSeek. The performance is most similar to the . , FTX, 25 Rounds · (3) Our customer support team will be happy to assist you. 38 Long colt It means you can safely fire the two shorter and lower-powered cartridges, the . The one just to its right is a 38 Special. I would say you can but why would you want to catch the slide between your index and thumb lol. 357 GAP, neither of which are compatible with the others. As to your question, if your gun is 38 Special, and you said "Smith and Wesson" because it is S&W brand, if it was made in the last . Aug 27, 2019 · Small revolvers are usually . It was introduced as a replacement for the . . Issue is not likely to be an explosive scattering of pieces parts of the handgun- it will be sharply accelerated wear and tear on the gun. 38 Super Police and . A . 38 can easily recoil more than a . 380 guns for a female customer,  27 Mar 2019 The . Ammo box,. This is a serious improvement in this typically anemic cartridge. Jul 06, 2018 · Here the warning against shooting . 380 ACP's bullets were far lighter than most found in the . When I carry my LCP I also have two backup mags. 357 magnum, you can use lead bullets that were intended for use in 9mm, . Just a couple bucks could go a long way for someone like me. It is a true rimless, unlike the semirimmed . 38 Specials loaded to higher pressures, and therefore velocities than standard pressure rounds of the same bullet weight. 357 Magnum rifles should chamber and shoot the . 38 special, 9mm, 38 Super and . 38 Special Plus P ammo can be used on certain models. 38 Special, with which it is not interchangeable, the . The gun was built in 1911 and was originally my grandfather's. A rimless cartridge, like the 9mm or . And as a final bonus, when it comes to reloading, the . This cartridge can be safely fired in revolvers chambered for . 380. 38 Special. Full-Force Home Security Our 38 Special +P ammunition is the only choice when the need arises for a show stopping round. 380 ACP cartridges — both popular choices for self-defense The rounds can both be used in revolvers and autoloaders, but are not interchangeable with one another. 327 (1) . 38 Special loads. 38 Special; 9mm . 380 (6) . According to the 'books', lead bullets for 9mm and such are sized . 380 pistol. 357 Magnum revolver, but you cannot shoot . With every purchase, Ammo. I haven't tested it yet to see if they will feed/shoot okay. I ran them thru my carbide . It is up to you to determine the compatibility of any ammo with your particular pistols. 22 Magnum) but in this case there would be little if anything saved by using . 38 Special in a . Regular $13. 99. 38 Special self-defense ammo for practice. 22 beats a miss with a . 357 (9) . The blast of +P ammo is noticably greater than that of . 380 pistol and a revolver 38 spl, the . 361-2 versus 0. 38 Special Ammo. For more expansion, use JHP ammo. 38 Special or . Magtech produces this grain weight and Ten-x manufactures a 95gr load, as well as blanks. 380 is sort of a short 9mm Luger, it's typically loaded with the lighter weight 9mm bullets. You get what you pay for, and you pay for what The 38 Special (officially known as 38 Smith & Wesson Special) goes back to 1898 as a straight wall black powder cartridge which took a . Taurus Firearms makes several small revolvers for concealed carry, and surprisingly, one is chambered for the . 380 Auto, 9mm Short, 9mm Corto, 9mm Kurz, and 9×17mm. We have all the best brands of . 380 and I am considering using steel cased ammo strictly as range/practice ammo. But a 124gr 9mm bullet will be longer than a 95gr . 38 Plus-P in them and I know of Two that exploded. Look for 38 Special ammo from the brands you trust, like Hornady, Federal, Nosler, and more! Since 1899, the . I have heard this type of ammo can cause excess wear and possibly be somewhat dirtier to shoot. 5 May 2015 On the other hand, if you are using a . Nov 30, 2018 · A lightweight . 38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. 38 rimmed cartridges. 380 ammo is available that meets or exceeds the FBI’S standard for law enforcement carry in penetration and wound track damage. 38 special FMJ 158gr rounds. 38 special ammo after converting one, Then venture to trying . The ammo you mention weighs 90gr (. 38 special if you changed to a weaker recoil spring. 22LR, . 380 ammo and the results varied. 38 Spl 132 gr FMJ 917 fps 50/box. Nov 14, 2012 · Yes they also shoot . Furthermore, there are structural differences in the cartridge cases between . The stubby little round and the guns that fire it have made a lot of history. 380 Rim”, and When it can be found, expect to pay a lot for new factory ammunition which as 10mm Auto or “Magnum”) was an issue in a shooting incident. 38 S&W. 5 Jan 2020 380 in a 9mm revolver to see if it would fire. out of the ol FBI load from a standard 4 inch barrel service revolver, I think to compare 38 to 380 is only true in low power, pussified rounds, and that 9mm’s vast superiority is not nearly as true as you think. 38 Special takes the firearm from hand gun to hand grenade. 38 Super. 38 Super or . 380 is a good round (its a 9mm "short") but being "lighter", it has a less stiff  Buy the ammunition you need at the price you want online with Academy. 38 Special can hold 5 to 6 rounds while a 9mm Luger can hold up to 18 rounds. 38 Special is weak because of black powder 380 ACP Assorted 90 JHP 1000 200. 38 Special +P or to a 9mm. The downside is that you have fewer shots and more recoil. 38 Special +P load, which makes it great for smaller or recoil shy shooters. There are no other SAAMI approved “+P” loads. 357, it just has to jump a little freebore, but the cartridge is properly and securely located and supported (headspaced) by its rim. To me the answer is never going to be “just run nonstandard ammo in the underpowered pistol”; I think that’s just adding uncertainty (and, according to the pistol manufacturers, potential danger of failure or even injury) to the mix. 357 ammo, which makes it versatile. 38 Special +P, BJHP, 125 Grain, 20 Rounds Buyer's Club $20. 38 Special and 9mm’s virtues, you’ll end up with nearly identical lists. 38 S&W will not fit in the chambers of your . 356 and use it as a 9mm bullet. Upon purchase, the item is removed from the Courier's inventory and replaced with 50. This makes the cartridge too long for a . 380 ACP is a powerful round, or is it only fatal in rare Protocols for its use are typically based on the FBI's ammunition test, which  We carry only the best handgun ammunition on the market, so you can shop with confidence knowing you'll Sig Sauer . Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. The second is because of the first. 357 cartridge is a bit longer and will not fit in a . 38 Special and is +P capable. 38 Special wadcutter ammunition is named for its completely flat front that is designed to punch perfect circular holes into paper targets. 38 ACP. Therefore cutting the wad. 135" to prevent chambering in . ckmorley. Speer Lawman 380 ACP AUTO Ammo 95 Grain Total Metal Jacket ammo review offers the following information; Speer Lawman remains the best choice and this is the best quality law enforcement on the market- period. It has loaded thousands of rounds of . They are 38 Special +P, 9mm Luger +P, 38 Super Automatic and 45 Automatic +P. 14 Mar 2014 Other names for the cartridge exist like “. 38 Special, though if you really want to shoot it in anything other than a revolver or the Coonan handgun, you can purchase a rifle chambered for the . 460 (1) . 380 is . 38 Colt New Police”, “. As far as the 380, you can have (A) penetration, or (B) expansion. The brass swells greatly, but I tried it out of curiosity, and it works. 206oz) and travels at 928fps, so it would have a recoil velocity of 12. 380 +P in their all steel . 45 pistol that can shoot the . 45 ACP +P +P. Comment Post Cancel From what I have read SAMMI only gives specs for four calibers rated at +P. Great Range ammo that is ideal for paper punching. Got it? If you want to learn more and get some great ammo recommendations, read our Best . The revolver is a smith and wesson 38 special CTG. 357 Magnum that the reverse is true. References The only reason I can imagine for pursuing such a venture would be to be able to use cheaper ammunition (i. From left to right, the Remington 125g Golden Saber +P, the Buffalo Bore 158g LSWC-HP, the Buffalo Bore 150g Wadcutter, and the S&B 158g JSP. 38 Special ammo of some kind on the shelf. 38 Special reloaders: I located a big handful of these . Feb 27, 2013 · While there are some exceptions (you can shoot . 38 Special ammo, and you don't really have to shoot . Precision ONe Ammunition manufacturer in Charleston SC offers new and remanufactured ammunition, bulk ammo, brass, firearm accessories and more. 5 Grendel Ammo Bulk 7. 38 Special 125gr FMJ *REMANUFACTURED*. 358 105 Grn SWC down to . 380 ACP ammunition from trusted brands like Browning, Federal, Remington, Hornady & more. 38 or . 38 special rounds. 38 Special case lengthened by 0. 38 Special if you want a small, concealable gun. 357 Magnum (based on a . The 357 Magnum generally eclipses the 38+P loads by nearly double in terms of muzzle energy. 38 Special wadcutter. 38 Special ammo from all of the best brands. 15 Jun 2016 Bullets for the 380 tend to be lighter than the 38 Special and the mass the US Concealed Carry Association as well as AmmoLand Shooting  38 Special remains one of the most popular revolver cartridges in the world more than a century after its introduction. Don’t think that just because you can shoot . 38 Special fires bullets with velocity between 679-980 feet per second. 380 ACP ammo. $0. 380 ACP Range Training Ammo Dec 19, 2012 · A . 480 (1) Scheels Outfitters 9mm 115Gr FMJ Ammo Can 500Ct Fiocchi Centerfire 380AP 380 Auto 95gr Metal Case 1000 ft pe Receive special offers & promotions. 357 recoil. Feb 16, 2013 · Do they even make . 380 ACP is as accurate as the person shooting it. It was fun but just 8 rounds and spendy magazines limited it to being just a range toy. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. for the 380 auto +P cartridge. BUT, the power may be too great for most . SIG and Kimber say it is alright to shoot . They have longer cases and higher pressures. 38 revolvers) is 35,000 psi. Reloaded . Feb 21, 2019 · The . 38 gun. Jul 05, 2019 · I have been looking for a semi-auto . With the 332, I can load up . 380 is expensive to practice with, currently commanding almost $30/box for the ammo. 18 ppr $18. 380 caliber, I was wondering about the ammo choices/preferences. It is not tapered. 22 rf in a revolver chambered for the . 45 (20) . You can shoot . 38 Special Shotgun Adapters for 410 Shotguns. 380 Auto 95-Grain Centerfire Ammunition offers a full range of ammo online so you can find exactly what you need for a successful day of shooting. 38 Special lacks the terminal ballistics of the . 38 Special ammo choice that won’t punish you would be the Hornady Critical Defense, or Critical Defense Lite. 357 for outdoor needs and home defense. Our ammunition inventory also consists of the larger caliber 44 Magnum, 500 S&W FMJ rounds by MBI in . 380 is designed for semi-auto handguns and . 38 Special, . 7 fps, which is nearly 50% less than the other rounds listed so far. 38 +P ammo is loaded to about 17% higher pressure than standard loads. 380 ACP +P FMJ Flat Nose 95 G By adding this item to your WishList, you will be notified automatically via email when this item's price has dropped. 62x54R Ammo Bulk 9mm Ammo Just rotating out old ammo. 355 inch in diameter, so you might wonder how they can be correct for loading the . The difference between . null. That's due to the fact that the designers of the . 32 revolvers. Other names for . Rated 5. 38 S&W casings at an isolated desert shooting range. 38 Long Colt and . 38 Special cartridge has been a favorite of law enforcement throughout the United States. 357 Magnum in a . If you want more penetration, you opt for ball ammo. 38 Special can safely handle +P's, just as any modern 9mm can handle the hotter, 9mm NATO, which is the same cartridge, just loaded to "hotter", NATO spec's with a slightly heavier slug. 00. 38 Special is generally faster and more powerful when judging muzzle velocities. Headspacing is an important concept you might want to learn about. 380 ACP has been used in personal defense applications for over a century. Jan 28, 2009 · With few exceptions, the . Most of . 38 Special bullets with different weight and type: Jan 15, 2016 · Since . 38SC has an outside lubed bullet of about . When I receveived the gun, I had a Wolf spring kit installed and some new grips. They can also be slightly longer, to accommodate the longer cylinder that’s required for . Plus, the . 25 ACP, or any of the other calibers used in pocket pistols over the years. This is a significant, but not dramatic, improvement. Winchester offers  Fiocchi Pistol Shooting Dynamics Handgun Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 gr FMJ 1200 PMC Bronze Handgun Ammunition . In most cases, this is not ideal. About sixty years ago, in my rural home town, there was a character who could have been in a Pat McManus adventure. 380 ACP Ammunition 95 Grain Full Metal Jacket  5 Dec 2017 The . Then add a medium-size . 44 (5) . 38 Spl. 38 Special is a heavier, slower bullet than the 9mm. 26 Jul 2017 If you like the features a modern . 380's. 023 inches difference in the named calibers. It is most commonly used in revolvers, although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. 38 special, charter arms undercover 38 Mar 17, 2017 · Even . 380 and 38 spl ammo share de same diameter boot no the longer, the 38  So whatever 380 ammo you shoot him in the face with, had better go through his This 380 Auto+P ammo will better all American made 380 Auto ammo by 150 fps of it in a small/flat/lightweight 380 versus five shots out of a bulkier 38 SPL J   NovX® will be introducing the following cartridges: 380 auto, 38 special, 40 S&W you select NovX® 9mm Luger +P Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense ammo. USA-(Ammoland. Bulk Ammo Bulk 12 Gauge Shells Bulk 410 Gauge Shells Bulk 22 Short Ammo Bulk 22 LR Ammo Bulk 223 Ammo Bulk 30 Carbine Ammo Bulk 308 WIN Ammo Bulk 357 Mag Ammo Bulk 38 Special Ammo Bulk 38 Super Ammo Bulk 380 ACP Ammo Bulk 40 S&W Ammo Bulk 45 ACP Ammo Bulk 5. 8 to about 11 grains of various powders--ya gotta get this from a reloading manual), and seat the bullet pulled from any of the . This stuff is low pressure, low velocity ammo. 38 specials (a true custom job), will not do 357's. 38 Special cases last a long time, even if you have to buy them, they’ll be a good investment over time. 380 has 94 percent less recoil (if fired from an equal-weight gun), it's easier to shoot. 38sp are actually . Recoil with Federal 158gr loads was not bad and the muzzle flash was a lot of fun. If it's a year old I shoot it and load up some fresh rounds and carry it. 38 Special round will vary from about 110 to 158 Grains . 38 ACP) are . 44 Special, respectively, in these revolvers. 38 caliber, but they can also be found in semiautomatic pistol calibers, such as the 9mm Luger. Anything a . 380 auto ammunition for your handgun at the best Magtech Shooting Sport . 380 acp, or . It is capable of doing the job. According to Lee and various online sources you can size a lee . 38 Special ammo. 357 ammunition. Sep 30, 2009 · The Ruger LCR . Before you buy a gun, price the ammo. 357 GP100. 32 H&R magnum. Especially at dusk. a gun store recommend a snubbie revolver or one of several pocket . 380 auto. Probably where you may have got your confusion is that some ammo outlests refer to the 380 as the . The 124 gr promo ammo typically works. More videos. 45 ACP. 357 Magnum are extremely popular calibers most  15 Aug 2017 At 5:17 p. Ammo designated as . Prvi Partizan 38 Special ammo worked well in my revolver. , the ability to use the less expensive . 38 Special ammo and . 005″ B/C Handgun Ammo 10mm Auto Ammo 22 TCM Ammo 25 ACP / Automatic Ammo 284 Winchester Ammo 30 Carbine Ammo 30 Luger Ammo 32 ACP / Automatic Ammo 32 H&R Magnum Ammo 32 NAA Ammo 32 S&W Ammo 32 S&W Long Ammo 327 Federal Magnum Ammo 357 Magnum Ammo 357 Sig Sauer Ammo 38 Long Colt Ammo 38 S&W Ammo 38 Short Colt Ammo 38 Special Ammo 38 Super Ammo 380 ACP May 06, 2017 · A revolver in . Everything from custom, match grade, to bulk plinking ammo can be found at low Midsouth prices. 357 Mag. Released in 2011, this version of the SP101 was the result of a team effort with Federal Ammunition. 38 special rounds will need a clean gun and a small amount of attention to detail as you shoot. 38 Special resizing die, they chamber and shoot in my . It seems counter-intuitive that a bullet with a flat face could be so accurate but they certainly were. 38 S&W Special, aka . 38 Special cartridge contains a bullet that is actually . Shot placement is more important than caliber and that requires practice. Primers cost about five cents each, and cast bullets are Nov 17, 2018 · I know that if required to shoot, I probably won't notice the recoil/pain at that moment, but I need to be able to practice now and then with my carry ammo and can just no longer do it. 38 Special ammo with smokeless powder about a year after it was released so it’s not like we’re saying the . Contrary to popular belief, not all police are necessarily well-versed in firearms when they join the force. 38 Special and ammunition for downed pilots, won records in target shooting, and has  9mm and . 357 Mag  Home · Department · Outdoor & Camping · Shooting; Ammo 1 item . The SP-101 is a very strong little gun, if your hands can take the . 38 isn’t really the . so it can be fired in ANY . 380-200. 38s, to handle the more powerful round. com Cartridge fourth from the left is a38 Smith and Wesson. 357 Magnum round in a . 38 S&W Special is the official name of good old . Dec 21, 2019 · Also, ammo manufacturers started loading . 380 ammo? I have a P320 compact 9 and a P2320. Using that formula can show you what the actual physical recoil is for a particular gun and round. 380 ACP: the Model 380 UL. 38 Special, 110-gr. 45). Plus, you can more easily buy 9mm in bulk and it keeps. Called Train . Accuracy was good, the rounds all fired perfectly, not much more I could ask for. 357 magnum guns, but you can’t shoot . Guns that aren't approved can be damaged by the extra power. It can spit out the 158g at around 800 – 850 fps. Learn more. 380 cartridge case is shorter than that of the . Compared to some . These 38 Special cartridges are steel cased, a cheaper alternative to brass. and a surge in demand for the less ubiquitous . 380 The author function-checked his test ammunition by shooting at the head and tape It felt milder than a . Most commonly used in revolvers, the . 9mm Luger Cross Trainer/Competition is designed as a target shooting round. Buffalo Bore Ammunition 20D/20 Standard Pressure Heavy 38 Special 150 GR Hard Cast Wadcutter 20 Bx/ 12 Cs. 380 +P ammo puts their specs at close to 9mm +P specs. ) Dec 31, 2018 · That said, if you sit down and rattle off the . shoot 38 spl. There is also the . Cracks and metal fatigue can be cumulative and be unrecognizable by the naked eye. Midsouth offers great deals on all kinds of centerfire pistol ammunition, including 38 Special pistol ammo. 00  To help you out, the firearms experts at Triangle Shooting Academy have Most outdoor sporting goods stores carry . 38 Special Hollow Point as well as . 380 case is 17mm versus 19mm. 38's. com 38 Special Pistol Ammo. Not to be confused with the . Pretty much the only way you will see . 354/0. 38 Super ammo is considered +p) There are NO standards what what constitues a +P+, or a ++P++, etc. 357 measured the bullet, while the designers of the . 38 Smith & Wesson Special (commonly . 38 Special ammo of the same weight, fired from a handgun of comparable barrel length. Because the . e. So I got the pistol (without any ammo and in a then unknown caliber) along with a half dozen others (also without any ammo) for $4 – $5 apiece back in 1983. 38 Special is a centerfire, rimmed cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. 38 cannot shoot a . 338 Magnum 1 item  Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities: hunting ammo, shooting, target ammo, and personal defense ammo. 357 Magnum. Developed by John Browning and introduced in 1908, the . 38 Special Ammo in your favorite brands and styles. The 380 is very light in comparison to the 38 Special. 38 S&W is not only shorter and weaker, but it's bigger around (. 38 Special 125 Gr. 357 Magnum can safely and readily shoot the following rounds: . 380 ACP Ammo include 9mm Browning, 9mm Browning Court, . 380 ACP, . 38 special or . +P+ 38 Special ammo and Guns to shoot it I have about 700 rounds of Federal and Winchester +P+ 38 ammo, most from the late 80s and early 1990s. 38 Special when you look at the ballistics. 357 magnum but be sure to clean your chambers well after you do because of the discharge ring the shorter case will leave behind, ditto . Assuming they feed and shoot okay, am I risking damaging anything? I'm not going to be firing 100's of rounds of it at the range, just a clip or two. 38 special is a bulk box of 50. My suggestion- shoot the ammo that About This Tula Cartridge Works 38 Special Ammunition If you are searching for a more economical range training ammunition, without sacrificing quality, look at this 38 Special FMJ from Tula. It is used for target shooting, formal target  16 Jan 2019 Stop With These Myths About . I have a S&W #67, 38 spl, 4 1/4 inch barrel for home protection and this new ammo appears well suited for my hardware. A "Primer" on Magtech's Advanced Full Metal Jacket Rounds Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) projectiles are the ideal choice for recreational target shooting and extended training sessions at the range. The “38” Appelation refers to the diameter of the loaded case and to its parent cartridge the 38 Short Colt, which used a heeled bullet when fired in black powder conversion The . +p ammo - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 380 Auto also known as the 9mm browning, and the 9mm short was created back in 1908. 38 special and holds less powder, so the cartridge does not produce as much energy as the . Best Buffalo Bore Ammo 27B/20 Handgun . 38 Long Colt, . 38 special is the . CCI Blazer . The older hollow points and ball ammo have very poor stopping power. 38 Short Colt. If you REALLY wanted to you can shoot these:. For those of you who carry a 1908 Hammerless in the . 38 ammo. 357 magnum is derived from), and is a rimmed cartridge. It's easy and enjoyable to shoot, easy to carry, and draws from the fine lineage that make Colt revolvers special. 38 Special and 9mm for example. 380 ammo for sale in the US (for the keltec) is as . I suggest that you stick to a . 38 Spl, or . 357 Mag Ammo article. 38 Special Ammo . This means if it is fired indoors in a self-defense situation two problems will probably occur. 38 special is different than ammo designated as . 25 Apr 2010 No, i asume you dont have see . That is about the same as buying two identical guns and test firing one to check out the reliability of the other. 99 4. Nothing special. FMJ 300 Rnds - $69. Unfortunately, it seems like all the good personal defense ammo with quality bullets is rated at +P. Jun 04, 2014 · Then we can take a look at the magic that Buffalo Bore can do, with +p doing 470 ft. We do still carry factory loaded 38 S&W ammo by the way. 357. Undoubtedly, they will remain as the best . The velocity varies according to barrel length and type of gun. 38 Shotgun Adapters Rifle dimensions are . 38 Special 1 item . Both have more than proven their worth as self-defense options. Such conditions amount to an accident waiting to happen. If you buy a . 40 S&W, 38 Special, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 125 gr Semi-Jacketed Soft Point . 357 in the case of the 38 S&W. 380 ACP handguns make them ideal for concealed carry The . Any modern . 38 revolver and want to shoot +Ps, make sure the manufacturer has approved the gun for +Ps. Feb 01, 2011 · ALL . 9mm ammo has higher muzzle energy and muzzle velocity, when compared to . 125″ wide with a 1:12 twist rate. If you find some good personal defence . They make great target rounds in . 380, when shot out of a revolver, is going to lose enough of it’s speed jumping the gap that it will be no better than those old . 38 Special and the . 38 were widely used in matches and even semi-autos were built to shoot the . 38 Specials are really inexpensive to shoot. 357 Mag gives you the option to shoot either . More to the point, the . have it all from 9mm, 10mm, . 38 Super (and the . 380 is the 9x17mm that you're thinking of. He claimed he used 30-30 ammo all the time in his 32 Special. 38 Long Colt in 1898 and remains in wide use today. There is such a variety of pistols in public use that we will not determine what guns are compatible with which loads. Appreciate any and all feedback. 900" long. Single as well as Double Barrel. 380 then you need to consider barrel length … Every ammo load using the Hornady XTP JHP (jacketed hollow point) If you, and I mean ANY of you, shoots someone in self-defense or any In . 38 special case, size and deprime it, add a new primer, a little powder (very little actually, anywhere from 2. And as long as you follow what you learned from this article, you can secure your life with them. 380 Auto 95 gr FMJ 955 fps 300/ct - All UMC handgun ammunition is American-made in Lonoke, Arkansas, using first-quality, factory-fresh brass and clean-shooting Kleanbore Manufacturer Remington Caliber . 380, headspaces on the case mouth. 38 Special can be safely fired in guns chambered in . 38 special. 38 special guns. The parameters of the . It offers no free rides. 38 Special cartridge is longer but not quite as “fat” as the . 357 Magnum gun, but not the other way around. 38 Short Colt case is the parent to . The +Ps are simply regular . I have used this in a Colt Agent from the mid 80s and an older Smith Model 60 with no ill effects. 38 Special +P Lawman Clean-Fire ammo by Speer. 357 Magnum revolver and fire a heavy 158 grain lead nosed bullet at a muzzle velocity of 755 The . 38 Shotgun Adapters Allow a 410 Break Action Shotgun with a 3″ Chamber to use 38 Special Ammo. Jun 19, 2017 · I bought the dies to reload 9mm but I didn't have a 9mm bullet mold. This is not a . For training and practice, the practical choice will be ball ammo. Actually, get the larger gun first and learn to shoot with it, usng . in a . 1000 round case of 38 Special 158 Grain LSWC Lead Semi Wad Cutter Magtech Ammo - 38JBrass case, boxer primer. 38 S&W and created the . 357 and . If you shoot a . Developed as a dual line for both law enforcement and sports shooters 35 years ago, the Lawman line has been earning its well-deserved This included the popular 22 and 380 ammunition, as well as 9mm Luger, 38 Special, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and 357 Magnum. 380 Brass Can Dunham's Sports Use Online Cookies On Your Device? We  Shop for premium handgun ammunition at SCHEELS and enjoy a large selection . Oct 05, 2008 · Smith and Wesson 642 . 223 Remington 55-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition Aguila Ammunition . I can down load 9mm ammo to 380 acp levels, but if I start off loading 380 acp ammo there's no mistaking any Jun 15, 2016 · No matter what new space age bullet you stuff on top, the 380 is and never will be what a 38 special can be. 44 Russian (which has made a comeback thanks to cowboy shooting) can be shot in 44 Magnum and 44 Special revolvers. 38 Special+P. You might just shoot through your target and hit an unintended one which is unnecessary and puts you at risk with LE and the legal system. 38 special shelf and you didn't notice the label oh, and don't own anything chambered in . While the . A comparison of velocity of . Best for: Concealed Carry. Aug 22, 2018 · Since both loads shoot to the same point of impact and have the same amount of recoil, you'll be able to realistically train with your chosen self-defense handgun without having to shoot the more expensive . , he used a possibly stolen Beretta M1934 to shoot Indian Does this mean the . Since Jun 19, 2017 · I bought the dies to reload 9mm but I didn't have a 9mm bullet mold. 38 ACP, the ammo from which the bullet Used mainly on the range, this cartridge is ideal for shooting paper targets. 40 S&W . 349″ with 6 lands and . 11 May 2016 For example, the . 45 semi-auto handgun. 22 LR. and there is no SAAMI spec. 38 Special and . By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 38 Special you would be very well served to utilize the 158gr. 38, . 38 S&W is superbly accurate at practical handgun ranges, recoils gently, and produces a mild and not The 38 Special +P TUI™ is easy to shoot and great for both men and women. 380 Auto ammo handgun AmmoSeek. 38 Super that someone put back on the . 380 +P ammo in a Taurus TCP 738, from the user manual pg 19. 38's in a . Maybe, but the temptation would be there, and the original . 38 Special cylinder to close and lock most of the time. 38 spl but I didn’t want to be tempeted to use . So, not only can a 380 stop an attacker if you have your shot placement and bullet selection on point, but another advantage is that 380 firearms are easier to conceal and carry. Feb 10, 2020 · Common question but a good one. See how to find out what ammo to use on a S&W 642 . 380 is NOT the same as the . 380 ACP is a rimless cartridge. 38 is pretty obnoxious to shoot, even with standard pressure ammo. 357 ! I’ve been having the time of my life shooting them in a 4″ Model 19. Since the cylinder for the 38 S&W is roughly 1/50" larger in diameter, the 38 special case would swell or split in the cylinder. 18 Mar 2015 Can you accurately hit a threat at 20 yards if the situation demands it? . 380 pistols for concealed carry for a long time. Putting a . 38 Special ammo except when you grab 2 boxes of . Its ballistics are superior to a . While I prefer the 9mm caliber, used with appropriate ammo with the right ballistics and grain weight, the same could be said of this . If you're pondering this choice and simply cannot get the hits with the snub and cannot find the time for instruction and practice, you might find the . 45 semi-auto pistols, so great care must be taken, or it may destroy the gun or even seriously damage your hand. These are 110-grain bullets and they do not get to 1,000 fps out of a 2-inch barrel. Apr 09, 2020 · Short Barrel Ammo Why You Need it in a Subcompact Handgun Sam Hoober. 380 an easier pistol to shoot. Mar 14, 2014 · You . 38 Sp. 357 inches in diameter. 38 Spc, pronounced "thirty-eight special") is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. 357 loads at all. 357 Sig and . Felt recoil was low and easy for me to control. 38 Special +P in My 38 Special Handgun? “+P” is a designation given to many rounds that indicates the ammunition has been loaded to higher pressures than is standard for that cartridge can i use 38 special plus p thru A regular 38 special, can p cartridges be used in a charter arms off duty 38 special, can you shoot 38 special in a 38 special plus p, can you shoot 38 special p in a 38 special, can you shoot 38 special p shells in a 38 special, can you use p ammo in charter arms off duty . As you can see, . There are more available components, more powders that work, than any other caliber. 38 non-special ammo anymore? The . Now . 380 ACP and the S&W 342PD . CHOOSE ONE. 38 Short Colt, . 38 ammunition? Does that So you see the . 38 basically Jan 12, 2019 · A 357 Magnum will shoot 357 Magnums of course, 38 Special, 38 Long Colt, 37 Short Colt, 38 S&W (may lead the bore due to larger bullet) if you make moon clips it will sort of shoot 380 ACP, 38 ACP and maybe a few more. 380’s it is definitely harder to shoot well. Without some contraption like moon clips, if you put the cartridge in a 38 Special chamber, there's nothing to keep it from dropping through to the front of the cylinder. 380 will do a 9mm will do better, and for half the cost. 44  The . This heavy yet standard pressure loadings for 38 Special are much more powerful than normal 38 Special ammo. 38 in a . 380 ACP Yes you can. They are easy to shoot, but they will not deliver performance like the stouter loads. Remington UMC Range Bucket . The bore is also larger 0. com donates to an organization that shares our values. Now normally I would just use the ammo that the gun was designed for, but he was in the military and the sheriff's dept for years so he knows his However, it works very well with Plus P . 357 ammo. Can you fire . 357 inches in diameter, and so matches the . The 380 provides a low recoil round, that provides moderate power, into a small round that can fit into a slimmed down conceal carry pistol like the 2011 pistol of the year the LCP Ruger 380 ACP a small gun about the size of a pocket bible that For instance, take a . 32 S&W cartridge all the way up to lightly-loaded . You can't return ammo as far as I know. 36 caliber. 38 Special have similar enough characteristics, with the exception of cartridge length, so that you can shoot a . 38 +P. In my opinion it is among the best that can be unobtrusively and comfortably carried. 380, 9mm, . 23 ppr $69. Actually, if you are reloading for a . 357), and won't go in a Special gun. 380 bullet only because there's about 25% more lead and jacket there. Compared to the 9mm Luger, the . 21 Apr 2019 You may be wondering “why do a best-of article on ammo for a You would not want to shoot very many of those in a session, for sure but for sheer Jr. 38 Special is suitable for both target shooting and self-defense. Apr 16, 2013 · If you walk into a gun shop and its sells ammo, it will have . They are NOT designed to take the Higher pressure of the . 38 Special lower recoil ammo only. 38 Wadcutters were designed to make scoring easier for pistol bullseye competitions. It digested the various . Your big problem in the short-near term is that shooting shorter cases will foul cylinders further back in the chamber and if not cleaned thoroughly after shooting, you may not be able to seat longer rounds from baked on There was also some usage of . 38 Special cartridge is world-renowned and one of the most common self-defense cartridges in use today. But, if I go to shoot at targets I always fire standard . Best . 358" in the cylinder's throats. m. 357 version, with a few extra ounces, would be even more comfortable with . 38 ACP, the ammo from which the bullet was developed. Seasonal runs. To ensure you’re always stocked up and range ready, we carry a large selection of . 375" diameterbut the pressure is so low nothing bad happens other than a good chance of leading when is swages down to . About This Magtech 38 Special Ammunition If you like to shoot a lot of . 38 special is a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas that can be used in firearms that utilize. Dec 31, 2009 · The . Does Winchester Train & Defend ammo line offer something better than traditional ammunition selections? This line offers something for all kinds of shooting. Initially designed as a pocket pistol cartridge, the . For comparison, the SAAMI limit for the . Probably not necessary, but at least I get a chance to practice what I shoot with. 380 make it ideal for use in a backup weapon such as a clutch piece. 380 ammunition in a revolver chambered for . Jun 13, 2019 · If it is the heat of summer and a pocket pistol is all I can realistically carry concealed, 380 ACP is a very good self-defense option. 38 Special, it can be used in platforms even smaller No 38 Auto and 380 are not the same. I fired them all from a S&W model 637-2 AirWeight 5-shot revolver with a 1 7/8″ barrel and a 0. com donates to an organization that Nov 21, 2017 · I suppose one could argue that the . 32 (1) . 356". 357 bullet is, oddly enough, . 38 Special Ammo A medium-power cartridge that is well-liked for its good accuracy, reasonable power, and low recoil, the . I used two types of . 380 Ammo. as it lacks the power of similar-sized pistols like the 9mm and . 357 magnum. 380 ACP 1 item . 44 magnum. 45 Super, and in case you are not aware, this ammo is just a . Buffalo Bore was able to develop these powerful standard pressure load with modern non-canister powders. 38 Special - Mixed Manufacturer Steel Cased Ammo - 100 Rounds - $18. 44 Special, . The small size of . 357 magnum in . 22, . Even that How can a handgun made for . Dec 27, 2015 · Meanwhile S&W lengthened their . DO NOT confuse it with . 380 and the . There are currently no other rifles or carbines chambered for the . 38 Special), none of the calibers you suggested are compatible even though the bullet diameter may be similar. This Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics ammunition features a lead projectile, with a copper full metal jacket. 38, you can re-use your brass practically forever. If you can’t get what you need out of a . 99 Special Buy. 38 Special are popular pistol cartridges commonly used It is the cartridge of choice for self-defense, target shooting,  Common weights for the . 38 Special round's or the . 38 Special, then you need this "Shootin Size" case of 1,000 rounds (divided into 4 boxes of 250) from Magtech. 38 Special +P is a Hammerless Light Compact Revolver with a polymer housing— the only snubby of its kind! When I entered law enforcement in the mid-1970s, the revolver was king. 38 Special was invented in the 20's IIRC, to replace slower . To start, both are relatively versatile for medium-bore handgun cartridges. 380 ACP . Mar 24, 2017 · Nothing is more expensive than . Wondering if anyone has experience using steel cased 9mm or. A pound of powder will load about 2,000 rounds, which works out to just under a penny’s worth of powder per round. 380 ACP and the . 38 Dec 21, 2016 · You can shoot a lot for a little bit of money, it’s really easy to reload, and with the low pressure levels of the . As we receive ammo into our warehouse, occasionally we get boxes of ammo that don't meet our cosmetic requirements so we place them in a bin marked by This 380 Auto+P ammo will better all American made 380 Auto ammo by 150 fps to 200 fps in all bullet weights we make. They are close in diameter and use the same bullet diameter. WARNING …There are only four calibers that can carry a “+P” rating from SAAMI. This 380 auto+P ammo is stronger than the standard 38SPL ammo made by most American ammo makers, and you'll get seven shots of it in a small/flat/lightweight 380 Both . These cartridges are great for high volume range use with your . I don't think you could easily make . 31 Jul 2018 channel in where they say that the . you won't find better prices on 22 Magnum Ammunition anywhere! Revolvers chambered in . This firearm was designed to meet the needs of new shooters and seasoned professionals alike. A sought-after advantage is that it can be chambered in small revolvers that are easily concealed, but are still very powerful and accurate – ideal for personal protection. 380 ACP is superior to the . It can’t outmatch 9mm ballistics, but it does have a The . 357 revolver. 380, then it’s time to move to a . 380 (Read 5557 times) 38:18 PM » Ask them if they can special order and hold the ammo for you. Chambered for this round, the SP101 offers shooters recoil and power levels ranging from the soft shooting . 257 Roberts 1 item . No other compact guns can beat them in the short distance accuracy department. (I'm not speaking of the really small ones, but those the size of the Walther, Bersa, or even CZ . Oct 16, 2017 · The first is cost. 38 Plus-P rounds . Loaded with 200-grain bullets it's been known as the . Very accurate and very mild. 89 Non-Member $21. The manufacturer advised 25 calibers, but in theory inserts can be made to accommodate over 100 as long as the diameter of the projectile is smaller than the bore diameter. If you plan to use this sturdy round, Cheaper Than Dirt! offers the best . Velocity. Possibly a life span of 4-5 boxes of ammo (in an extreme case). Selecting the right ammunition for indoor range training can be challenging, but you will be prepared for an all-day range vacation with 1000 rounds of this . The reward is that you can shoot a heavier bullet at velocities similar to the . What I do know is that heavier bullets mean greater penetration, and it to yourself and the rest of the world to know how to shoot it safely and accurately. This 38 Special ammo is a mix of steel and aluminum cased ammo with the lion's share being steel cased. That’s good news, because you have a more flexible-use firearm with one that can safely chamber and shoot two different cartridges. 44 special and . 38 Special Plus P ammo is easy to shoot in a 4-inch revolver, which is why it was so popular for police departments. The Owners get comfortable with the fact they can shoot. As you can see from these paper ballistics comparisons, the 357 Magnum with a host of standard loads is considerably more powerful on paper than the 38 Special, even with a selection of +P loads. 380 Auto And The Pistols That Shoot It Thing about bullets is the physics behind them is rather basic. lead . 380 auto for automatic and semiautomatic handguns. 380 JHP and FMJ ammo easily without a single malfunction or stoppage. 38 special is a revolver cartridge (which the . Jun 05, 2016 · So to sum up in one sentence: You can shoot . The 43C is a great shooter except for the heavier trigger pull you get with the rimfire guns. It is better to shoot only 43 from a box and load the last seven for carry than to shoot 200 or 2000 and then load for personal protection ammunition from an entirely different production lot. The truth is that . Use ammo the firearm was made for. 355 inches in diameter while the The . 357 Magnum typically have larger and heavier frames than . So, the drawbacks of a 380 firearm may be worth it when you consider the fact that you’re more likely to actually conceal and carry a firearm on a Jun 06, 2010 · The . (A hit with a . 45 ACP and the velocity of the 9mm, its “power to weight ratio” is actually pretty good with the right ammunition. I'm just wondering if shooting 380 acp in a 9mm revolver is a solution to recoil sensitive people who want something slightly lower power than 38 special without buying the 327 mag version and shooting 32 S&W long or 32 H&R ammo in it. There is a world of difference between those 3 calibers. This shows how a regular pressure . 357 magnum rounds. Semi-autos, if you can find one that actually does . 380 pistol is the ammo you shoot in it. 38s, and you can fire it safely in a . 38 Special is king. Bullet weights range from 80 to 147 grains with 115- and 124-grain bullets being the most popular. Clearly, being a revolver based cartridge, these . Heavy Duty Steel Construction. And 357 auto mags usually do not handle 38 Specials. However, guns built for . 38 (8) . Gun makers do this to protect themselves from any liability in our super-litigious American society. So that's about 20 rounds that I rotate in and out every year. 21 Dec 2017 At first glance we found this amusing as the 380 ACP with its 17mm While the 38 Special bullets tend to be heavier, the muzzle velocity Maybe not every last round you shoot at the range, but as often as you can afford it. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 38 Special is loaded with a 158 grain Lead Round Nose bullet. 38 Special with no problems but check with the manufacturer You can shoot 380s in a S&W 940 9mm revolver. Of course, 9mm bullets are 0. You can fire 38 S&W in a sloppily cut 38 Spec cylinder, which is what you must have, if it is a lead bullet. 380 ACP 95-Gr. Results 1 - 12 of 20 Camping & Hiking · Fishing · Hunting & Shooting We are unable to guarantee current inventory at the stores. 38 Special has a No. 357 shoot . 380 ACP cartridge uses bullets measuring . 38 S&W Special. 38LC and SC in a . 45x39mm Ammo Bulk 6. Nov 23, 2018 · Xring - can't shoot . We carry 38 Special FMJ,. 380 ACP shouldn’t be confused with . 357 Magnum The . 357 mag revolver or must the gun be made somehow special? Here's a summary of popular cartridges that interchange well: CARTRIDGE INTERCHANGEABILITY CHART ----- Cartridges within the groups shown are interchangeable. Buy pistol ammo in bulk for cheap, low prices and save! Check for bulk pistol ammo eligibility in the product details! A pistol can be defined as a small firearm that is designed for use with just one hand as opposed to two, and is also commonly referred to as a handgun. Can I shoot . Being the standard service cartridge for most police officers from the 1920s to the 1990s, including seeing use in World War I. Feb 10, 2013 · I had a Coonan and it would shoot . 38 Special +P. The Underwood and Buffalo Bore . 38 Special has a A . 38 Special +P+. 357″ diameter bullet. 38 Special with excellent, match-winning results. 380 work in a revolver. And there are wonderful examples of guns that were designed to launch the . 327 Federal cartridge is an update to the . 38 Special can be shot in most 357 Mag guns, but 357 Mag cannot be shot in 38 Special guns. Most experienced shooters prefer hollow points when they carry their handguns around because of their stopping power. 38 S&W Special, or just . Remington is one of the few producers of this cartridge today with a 125grs LRN bullet. 38 Smith  Items 1 - 20 of 1563 Hornady, Blazer Brass, and more no matter what caliber pistol you have. They aren’t perfect, but when you compare them to the much higher prices of the competitors for the same load, they make a sense for training. 38 special in . Oct 05, 2012 · Can a 38 spl. And . 38 version is not only easy enough to shoot, but also amazingly capable. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. 38 Special with target loads, which is a fair  15 Products Hornady Critical Defense Handgun Ammo, . com)-Alien Gear Holsters' Sam Hoober would like to reinforce that if you carry a short-barrel gun, you need a Not noted for accuracy even in the guns chambered specifically for them, you can shoot the . 38 Special rounds that are not rated +P, please let us know. 38 special cartridges in any # . A cartridge with a very slightly smaller outside diameter than the . FMJ 50 Per Round. The most important thing when carrying a . Wadcutters were also championed as self-defense rounds since their flat front meant the bullet Jul 09, 2009 · The . 680" and the . A shooter can fire 357 Magnum, 38 Special, 9mm Largo, 9mm Luger, 9X21mm, 380 ACP, 38 S&W, 38 Super, 38 Colt, etc. Shot out of the right gun, they’re accurate and mild recoiling. I would love to get more of this brass. 380 pistols Nov 24, 2013 · Discussion in ' Weapons and Tactics ' started by Fedorgasm, Nov 24, 2013 . It is great to use in double action concealed carry revolvers due to its light recoil and enables you to quickly get back on your target. 362 vs. For the purpose of this thread I would appreciate anyone's personal experience with . 45-70 1 item . Likewise, don't try to shoot a . 380 ACP shouldn't be confused with . 32, or . 380 in a pistol chambered for the . 32 Shorts and the recoil is about the same as the . 32 ACP which some people shoot in . The LSWC bullet design helps punch a cleaner hole in the paper so the point of impact can be seen clearly at greater distances. 355″/. Browse our great selection of . It was easy and comfortable for me to shoot the BLMP 1911-380. American Eagle® . The Cobra is chambered in . lbs. While it's a potent cartridge, it can still be used in handguns small enough to conceal as well as in pistols weighing less than a pound. The ammo prices are very low on this website too, and the order was shipped fast and packaged in a sturdy outer box. 40 (22) . They are non-magnetic and are safe to shoot on ranges that do not allow magnetic rounds. Remington UMC Range Bucket Handgun Ammunition . 38 Special is a popular choice to shoot in 357 Mag revolvers for range training because of their lower pressure (and therefore lower recoil) and affordability compared to the 357 Mag. 23 May 2017 So, you want a gun for concealed carry, but you can't decide between the venerable 9mm and the handy . 45 ACP, . Load it with 125 gr Remington and you began to feel some push in Shoot like a pro but spend like an amateur with this convenient box of 50 Magtech . 357, however. 25 Aug 2018 Guns used are the Ruger LCP . It takes a while for ammo to come in so do Dec 22, 2009 · Here is a report on the testing of 4 different types of defense-grade ammo for the . At 900 fps a 125g bullet can shoot clean through a normal sized human being. snub-nosed revolver offers, then But, bores can be scrubbed, and you aren't shooting this ammo in  defensive firearm. He was also missing three fingers on his left hand, the result of his experimenting with a dynamite cap. Well, I seemed to have accidentally ordered +P JHP. If you've got a single shot rifle, such as a Sharps, chambered in 45/110, you can also shoot 45/90 and 45/70 in it. 380 ACP or . Gun makers often warn against using any ammo that is not SAAMI spec. 38 Special in this free video on handgun use. We are also CCI 9mm Luger Ammo 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket. 357 Magnum cartridges headspace on the case rim. This will make or break your experience in firing your . Sourdough is right on. can you shoot 380 ammo in a 38 special

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